Strategic Alliance Business Development, for Revenue, Equity, JV, or M&A

How to persuade specifically targeted enterprises to become seven digit customers, strategic alliance partners, or to engage in M&A discussions – through the use of Business to Business Internet Marketing Techniques.

In 1988 I began using utilities of the then new Internet, to locate and communicate with specific people and groups of employees within a targeted large technology company, to promote my start-up’s product or an alliance proposal. I used Usenet, Email, and Info-Bots to locate, attract and communicate with these people, to set in motion “viral” dissemination and discussion of the information I wished to convey. Ultimately enlisting those folks to advocate for my proposition to their upstream business decision makers… all from the inside of that corporation. In other words internal Internet Marketing, for specific business development purposes, and just to one targeted company at a time.

At the appropriate moment I would approach the now much more receptive decision makers, as an outsider, and articulate a business and technical rationale for them to become big-ticket customers, or OEM strategic alliance partners. Often presenting a new business model for our proposed joint use, I would ultimately negotiate the terms of a “win-win” license or sales agreement leveraging the targeted company to buy, license as an OEM, or to resell my offering.

Over 20 years with seven start-ups, this process, by accident, also lead to merger and acquisition discussions, resulting in three acquisitions and one IPO, either by the targeted alliance partner, or an effected third party.

These days Internet and social media marketing concepts are synonymous with selling low ticket items to consumers, or “B2C” sales. However, the methods I have been developing for 20 years are for business to business activity for medium to large publicly traded commercial organizations. Such Business Internet Marketing or Business Social Media can be used to develop the few initial high-profile marquee customers that a new technology start-up desperately needs, or to create strategic corporate alliance partners for seven digit OEM sales, and in it’s most lucretive form, it can be used to influence M&A corporate development, investment and equity events.

What’s Possible! Today I consult with mid-sized commercial businesses to explore what’s possible using Web / Social Media and Internet marketing techniques for their own business development purposes. My focus is to add highly measurable and visable new revenue, or to drive specific strategic alliances, or to lobby for M&A.

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